Die Casting Parts

  • Aluminum Die Casting Parts
  • Aluminum Die Casting Parts
  • Aluminum Die Casting Parts
  • Aluminum Die Casting Parts
  • Aluminum Die Casting Parts
  • Aluminum Die Casting Parts
Aluminum Die Casting PartsAluminum Die Casting PartsAluminum Die Casting PartsAluminum Die Casting PartsAluminum Die Casting PartsAluminum Die Casting Parts

Aluminum Die Casting Parts

  • 【Main Process】:Die Casting+CNC Turning,Milling+ Powder Coating
  • 【Material】: Aluminum (Optional)
  • 【Finish】:Powder Coating
  • 【Service】Metal Parts, Auto parts, mechanical parts.Spare Parts
  • Product description: Aluminium Casting parts, Aluminum Alloy Casting, Auto Parts And Components, Air Compressor, Housing For Power Resistors, Handles For Switching Power Supplies, clips, Aluminum Front Panel.Send Your 3D

Aluminum  Die Casting

Aluminum Die Casting is a process of injection of Aluminum or Aluminum Alloys under pressure, which produces parts in high volume at low costs.Aluminum castings are lightweight and able to withstand the highest operating temperatures of all die cast alloys.There are two processes of Aluminum die casting: hot chamber and cold chamber.A complete cycle can vary from one second for small components to minutes for a casting of large part, making aluminum die casting the fastest technique available for producing precise aluminum & aluminum alloy parts.Know more about die casting materials.

One Stop Production

From Small Batch To Volume  Production

As A Professional Precise tool manufacturer, We provide professional die-casting die design, Pressure die casting is used to make copies of cast parts in aluminum, zinc or magnesium. We offers everything from a single source: Custom Die Molds and Machining die casting parts including all finishing steps. Molds are made in-house from H-13 steel using CNC machining and EDM/wire EDM. With every new project, we look for ways to provide you with the best return on investment.

Advantages of Aluminum Die Casting

Complex shapes with high dimensional accuracy and stability with thin walls than other mass production processes, can be used in almost any industry.

Aluminum Die Cast parts can be manufactured with smooth or textured surfaces
Creates lighter parts—with more surface finishing options than other die cast alloys. Easily anodized, painted or powder coated with minimal surface preparation.
Economical process offering a wide range of sizes and shapes.
CNC Machining can be used to further refine the design, if needed.
Aluminum Die Cast parts are strong and have a long life span.Aluminum can withstand the highest operating temperatures of all the die cast alloys.

Making Your Product Ideas a Reality

Exceptional prototyping and low-volume production services. Upload your 2D/3D drawing now, start your free project review.

Die Casting Tooling/Custom Die Casting Mold

We specializes in close tolerance, complex, durable, and high-yield custom molds for die cast component manufacturing.We provide Die Cast tools that range in size from small unit dies, up to large dies for 3,000 ton machines. We manufacture quality molds for die casting in aluminum, zinc or magnesium. In particular, customers that have to fabricate molds for new products relatively often find that we are the right partner for them.

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Aluminum die casting is used frequently in the automotive industry, as a durable, lightweight alternative to steel and iron. Aluminum die castings are used in tractor arm accessories, automobile parts, motorcycle parts, motor housings, oil pump parts, transmission machinery housings and other aluminum die-casting housings, aluminum die-casting covers, and other decorative accessories.

Machining Parts

Aluminum die-casting auto parts, aluminum die-casting automotive engine fittings, aluminum die-casting engine cylinders, aluminum die-casting gasoline engine cylinder heads, aluminum die-casting valve rocker arms, aluminum die-casting valve bearings, aluminum die-casting power fittings, aluminum die-casting motors End caps, aluminum die-cast housings, aluminum die-casting pump housings, aluminum die-casting construction fittings, aluminum die-casting decorative fittings, aluminum die-casting railing fittings, aluminum die-casting aluminum wheels, etc.

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