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  • Metal Keyboard Prototyping
  • Metal Keyboard Prototyping
  • Metal Keyboard Prototyping
  • Metal Keyboard Prototyping
Metal Keyboard PrototypingMetal Keyboard PrototypingMetal Keyboard PrototypingMetal Keyboard Prototyping

Making Your Product Ideas a Reality.Exceptional prototyping and low-volume production services.Please send your 2D/3D drawing to us now,start your free project review. KinTec can help you determine the best way to parts making.

Custom Manufacturing and CNC Machining For a Variety of Industries Including:

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A render of OXALYS80 Keyboard  OXALYS80 - TKL KEYBOARD

Manufacturing Process:

CNC Machining, Hand Polishing, Sandblasting, Blue Anodizing,Engraving, Assembly

Part Material:

Bottom material: Al-6061


Plate material: Brass



Lead Time:7 Days

About the part:

A KTL layout with a full numpad, this keyboard is great for typing, gaming, and inputting data. Outfitted with your choice of Cherry MX switches, it allows you to get just the feel you want. For speedy typists, it’s also armed with full USB key rollover, meaning it will register each command seamlessly, without hiccups. TKL KEYBOARD base kit was consists of case, weight, plate and pcb. It also has available plate (brass&polycarbonate) and color (black, Silver, dark blue,champagne gold, rose gold).


- 8 degrees typing angle
- 6061 Anodized Aluminum
- Stainless Steel or Brass Plate
- Brass Weight with polished finish
- Brass plate with Sandblast(Matte Finish)
- Weights±3.6kg/±8lbs
- Available colors: Black(Hard Anodize), Silver, Dark Blue,Champagne Gold, Rose Gold.

About the customer:

OXALYS80 Keyboard was designed by Aldo, an arts and technical designer who dedicated to providing ideas & solutions for business group.

Customer’s Feedback:

“We worked with Kintec to produce some of the components for our keyboard prototypes. We were so delighted with the convertible finishing color prototypes. when it came time to make mass production we have no reason not to choose Kintec! the parts came out perfectly the first time!”


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