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A Mechanical Arm For Medical Detection Device

Part Description:

Size: 191.29 X 500.00 X 205.00 mm

Weight: 2.1 kg

Thickness: 2 mm

Quantity: 4 set( for testing)

Material: AL6061-T6

Surface finish: Painting, Matt finish

Lead time: 2 weeks

Manufacturing Process:

CNC machining&  laser cutting ( sheet metal) - Bending - Welding - Polish- Painting

About Part:

It is a mechanical arm for medical detection device. A cosmetic mechanical part which require high surface requirement. It’s movable and works flexibly by connected with the device body.

Manufacturing Feasibility Study:

The original design of part thickness is 2 mm. Since part is the mechanical arm for medical detection device. Customer worry it’s too heavy to affect device’s operation. He propose to change the thickness to 1.5 mm. Consider some components will be assembled into the mechanical housing, part bearing capacity might not strong enough with 1.5 mm thickness. There is also a risk of surface deformation with 1.5 mm. Conclude above, We have done a force analysis and suggest to go ahead with the original thickness 2 mm.

Customers Feedback:

Customer is satisfied with the surface effect. And part works well on medical device.

CNC Machining In Medical Industry:

With the development of the medical device industry, there will be more and more types of medical devices. They are in complicated design and require high precision. CNC machining with the characteristic of high efficiency and high precision, it can provide effective solution for complicated part. The multi-axial precision CNC machining part in medical industry are mainly used for orthopedic implants and dental implants, surgical instruments, cardiac pacemakers, hemodialyzers.

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