How to select right cutting tools according to material characteristics?

Using wrong cutting tools will lead to unstable machining, or even failure to process. Efficiency will be reduced. No good quality can be achieved.The workpiece material and the quantity of material that needs to be removed helps you determine suitable cutting tools.

The material is significant because:

Part material has an influence on the material you choose for your cutting tools.

Part material and tool material together have an influence on the spindle speeds and feed rates you choose for your machining operations.

If the material to be processed is relatively hard, we should choose rigid cutting tools. The tip of the cutting tools should be large. Machine must be debugged based on three guidelines: low cutting speed, slow feed rate and less cutting depth.

If the material to be processed is soft (such as aluminium alloy, nylon rod, copper, etc), we can use relevant alloy cutting tools and increase the cutting speed, feed rate and cutting depth. In such cases, if the feeding table runs slowly, there will be slags wrapping around the workpiece, which affects efficiency and quality greatly.

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