What Is CNC Lathe & What Do CNC Turning Produce?

CNC lathe is a high performance, high precision, low noise path mode machine. It is an automatic machining machine that controls the machining program by cam. CNC lathe is able to produces the same product automatically for a long time after a certain tool positioning setting and debugging.

CNC lathe can manufacture cooper, aluminium, steel, cooper and other precision parts. We offer the small, especially complicated parts in instruments, watches, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, glasses, stationery, hardware and bathroom, electronic parts, connectors, computers, mobile phones, electromechanical, military industries.

Kintec are experienced in metallic precision part manufacturing with ISO Cert. We have more than 30 advanced CNC lathes. Please reach us for any inquiry.

Why us:

One-stop production

Our in-house capabilities: product design, manufacturing, surface finish and assembly.We take care of your part from sample, pilot run to mass production

Rapid response

Quote within 24 hours.

Response for quality issue within 24 hours.

Superior quality

3200 ppm(yr 2016), 3100 ppm(2017 yr)

With QC system and strong team to ensure quality.

Flexible production& Prompt delivery

Arrange production according to customer’s schedule, flexibly adapt to schedule changes.

On time delivery rate 98%(Yr 2016), 98.8%(Yr 2017)



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