Small CNC Machining Parts Inside The Smart Phones

Nowadays, every mobile phone we are using is made by precision machining, and more and more precision machining will be applied to mobile phone in the future.

When it comes to mobile phones, there are many brands, but Apple's iPhone is definitely a classic representative of mobile phones. Did you notice that the phone has an aluminum body structure? It is produced by precision machining of CNC machine. In addition to Apple, there are lots of mobile phones that are basically used in aluminum alloys, such as Samsung, HUAWEI and many other brands, and many mobile phone manufacturers use this as a selling point. Because it will be more durable than plastic after using the aluminum alloy body.

Some small and precise parts inside the phone are not visible to everyone. These parts are very tiny. It is also made by precision machining, even super-precision machining, because the parts are very small, so it must be specially processed.

Mobile phones and precision machining are inseparable. Not only are mobile phones, but also mobile phone-related accessories are precision machined.We KinTec offers CNC machining services for many industry, if you have any needs, please send 2d and 3d drawings to us directly.



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