How to ensure the quality requirements of CNC machining parts?

1. Reasonable cutting tools.

2. Before machining, use the calibration to measure whether the tool is within the allowable tolerance range. The cutter head and the lock nozzle should be wiped with a cloth.

3. When clamping, pay attention to check if the part name and model of the work piece are the same, whether the material matches and the clamping height is enough.

4. There are 2D or 3D drawings on the program list, the date ‘X (length), Y (width), Z (height)’ and tolerances should be marked. If there is a flat surface, the ‘Z’ value must be marked. That will be convenient for operators to check the information during processing.

5. The machining speed should be strictly controlled. The F speed and the S spindle speed should be adjusted reasonably in different areas.



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