How To Machined Components With Complex Shape, High Precision

CNC machining center is widely used in machined the components with complex shape, high precision and Multi-process machining such as:

1. Case Accessories (Enclosure Machining)

The case accessories normally has many Cavities inside and they are wildly used in Automobile industry and aviation industry. Such as automobile engine cylinder, Gearbox, Machine tool main Axle Box, Diesel engine cylinder, Gear pump Shell, etc. CNC machining center can complete 60-95% processing of general machine. With its characteristics of high processing efficiency and automatic tool changing, as long as we draw up the control plan, produce the craft process, proper use of special fixtures and cutters, it easy to produce case accessories.

2.Parts With Complex Curved Surface

Parts with complex surfaces are widely used in aviation, aerospace and transportation fields.Such as the cam, integral impeller of aero-engine, propeller, die cavity, etc. It is difficult to achieve the predetermined precision and difficult to detect just by using the common machine tool or precision casting when machining these parts with complex surface contour. However, these complex parts can be processed using a multi-axis linkage machining center, combined with automatic programming techniques and special cutting tools.

3.Irregular Shape Parts

Irregular shape parts most need point, line, surface multi-station mixed machining.(such as supports, bases).CNC machining center Show its superiority to machining those complex parts.

4. Plate And Coat Parts

These parts in general has keyway and radial hole, End-face distributed with holes or

curved surface. Such as axle sleeve with flange, motor covers .vertical machining centre is a good choice.

5. Prototype-sample For New Products

CNC machining centers process a wide range of adaptability and flexibility. Input new programming to realize machining. Sometime process by modifying program segment or special instruction. Use the scale function command to process parts of the same shape and different sizes. It provides a lot of convenience for single piece, small batch and multi-variety production and Shortened production cycle.



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