4 Tips To Minimize Mistakes And ECO’s In CNC Machining Processing

Here are a few tips that can help you minimize mistakes and ECO’s. KinTec Machining 20+ years of CNC machining not only helps you get the right parts at the first time, we help you from a first prototype all the way to bulk production as seamless as possible. Contact us today for a complete design direction and start your project from now on.

Hole diameters and locations: hole diameter should be as large as possible than sheet thickness. Do not put holes too close to the edges or bends. Holes too close to the edge will destroy the strength of the pieces. Locations that are too close to the bend may deform beyond the tolerance during bending process.

Tolerances: design parts with enough overlap so that hardware fit and mating can line up properly . Especially if there is a secondary process such as powder coating or painting, usually have small differences in the final product due to its small thickness. Parts with the same tolerance may look good in the model but in reality, if If they end up at different ends of the spectrum, they may not connect properly or not at all.

Hardware and material compatibility: This is a great chart about fastener compatibility

Finish: Kintec Machining offers a variety of finishing options including powder coating, anodizing, painting, chromating , sandblasting etc. Specifying“no finish”or better manufacturer and part number not only saves time but also ensures that you’ll get the exact finish and color you want.



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