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We create a wide range of products for varied businesses. Companies look to KinTec's Aluminum, Steel, and metal machining processes to create parts for electronics, transportation, security, recreation, maintenance, and telecommunications. KinTec does a significant amount of work in the area of original equipment manufacturing (OEM).

We offer the latest technology, beginning with the design phase and following through to inspection and delivery. KinTec is constantly adding new  equipment, to continually improve upon the quality and efficiency of our  capabilities.we pride ourselves in quality and ingenuity. Bring us your next machining task, and let us show you what KinTec can do.

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Making Your Product Ideas a Reality.Exceptional prototyping and low-volume production services.Send your 2D/3D drawing to us now, start your free project review.

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● Close tolerance machined parts
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Our Capabilities include :CNC machining, CNC Turning, Die Casting. Other services are offered, such as EDM, vertical boring mill (VBM) machining, laser cutting and welding .Surface treatment are available such as anodizing, sandblasting, powder coating and painting. Serves small to large companies in the power generation, automotive, military, and aerospace industries domestically and abroad.

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